The program features 3 locations: Singapore, San Francisco and Beijing. Startup team should fulfill internal milestones to qualify for each step. If you feel that you already fit the criteria for the second or the third step of the program directly, you can also apply.

Singapore program

You should have at least functional prototype to qualify for the program. You spend 1.5 months working out of IDA Labs coworking space under close mentorship of HaxAsia team. The key task is to develop functional prototype into sleek commercial sample that you can demonstrate to the public and media. We will link you up with partner industrial design studio and sample manufacturers. We will also help you vet your design with the partner contract manufacturers and get initial quote to make sure you run crowdfunding campaign with viable economics. If you need some R&D support, we will have preselected partners ready to help as well.

The second scope of this stage is to develop crowdfunding video and test use cases within close circles and via focus groups. You may start pre-marketing campaign to build your mailing list (sign-ups on website) and prepare all necessary assets for crowdfunding campaign. 

The Singapore segment of the programme will be held at IDA Labs@National Design Centre – a new, exciting innovation space for the community to build hardware and software products.

San Francisco program

You will spend your most important 45 days in your life on crowdfunding campaign working out of our partner’s space in the downtown area. We will help you reach out to media and crowd via pre-arranged media tour and demo events. The key task at this stage is to validate the product idea with help of crowdfunding.

If you are lucky enough and raise at least 0.5 mln USD on crowdfunding, you may go prime time and join Silicon Valley game. BootstrapLabs and HaxAsia teams are here to help you build your business in Silicon Valley and access smart money through their angel syndicates network.

The US part of program will be hosted at Wearable World Labs.

Beijing program

Those teams who raised enough money to kick off production (typically, at least 1000 units of product) can opt for the third step of program and go to Beijing to work with our partner contract manufacturer. This is a space specifically converted into startup facility with all DFM services. With help of HaxAsia staff and CM’s specialists, you finalize design of your product and start pilot manufacturing within 2 months after your crowdfunding campaign. At this stage, we can provide you follow-on funding to scale up your business if you decide to do your business out of Singapore.